Ezra’s Ah-Ha Moment:

last leg NC-104


This morning, Ezra bounded into the kitchen with a big smile on his face! “Mom, I know why the air is so much better where we live (up north). It is higher up and closer to heaven!

I’m delighting in amusing discoveries, and glad he has developed a sound understanding of the beauty of life in the north! (smirk). And, I’m sure his daddy will be giving him a nice grounding of the theology of heaven soon!

March Madness in the Little House on Campus.

You can’t really watch March Madness basketball games without playing some yourself (at least in our house!). This presented a small problem for our crew in our little house on campus… for a few minutes! And then the boys found the toilet box, and that did the trick… hoops-1 … until the campus clean-up crew took it right out from under the youngers when they were playing one day. They said something about it being a toilet box–not good for kids to play with. So, then the kids found an old laundry basket, and the games resumed! Phew!hoops-10   But it wasn’t long and the boys were wishing they had a “real” hoop! The next morning I woke up to this in my living room! Apparently Isaac saw it out by the dumpster in the early morning and ran out to get it. We’re pretty official now… right? hoops-9But of course, being that we live next to the campus dumpster, it isn’t long before I start hearing things like “If only someone would drop off a hoop like we have at home!”. Well, no sooner were these words uttered when we came home from church to THIS sitting by the dumpster! I think Isaac’s eyes did a complete spring out of their sockets, onto the floor, and back into his head! hoops-8 But of course, if campus didn’t like the idea of us using a brand new toilet box for a hoop, they probably wouldn’t appreciate us nailing this big ole bugger to a tree. And, lugging it in and out of the apartment every day wasn’t super practical (not to mention finding space for the big ole’ horse-of-a-hoop in our wee little quarters), so we called our friends and asked them if they wanted it! They happened to be coming home from church and were close to our house, so within a few minutes it was on its way to its new home. And, we are calling it good with our more alternative options! As they say, with a little imagination, the sky is the limit! hoops-5