Things I Love #11 – 2015

Snowballs with friends-7

Once the snow melted in early March, these special friends decided it was warm enough to introduce us to the local “snowball” stand which boasted 100 different flavors. I stuck with the dye-free more traditional flavors–like lemonade, but some opted to get a little more adventurous and ordered flavors like Toothpaste or Tiger’s Blood. This crew makes me smile, especially as I recall how they enjoyed daily Capture the Flag duals together. They were such a great bunch of friends together!

Things I Love #10 – 2015

The “Things I Love” posts have turned into a quick snapshot view of our time away. In no way could we tell the whole story, nor would this be the place for such a telling, but it is a joy to chronicle a few snippets of some of our special highlights! You see, we are home now, and we all feel a bit at a loss to know how to fully express our gratitude to God who loved us so lavishly through such a special season in life, to our dear school that provided the time away, to our host school who accommodated with such generosity and care, to our friends from home who loved us through prayer and such warmth upon our return, and to our new friends in the south who opened their hearts so fully to us, knowing the entire time that we would be leaving. I wish for these pictures to be one way of adding a bit of dimension to our gratitude!

This next few posts are a nod to some of our great memories with some of these dear new friends (we miss you!). Today’s pictures were from our last night on our friend’s farm. This was only one of so many special moments, but this was a picture perfect evening. Additionally, it proved to be a beautiful night for a cattle drive! I can stil hear the cows crunching on the new spring grass. Everyone and everything was so happy!

last night at farm-45 last night at farm-40 last night at farm-41 last night at farm-49 last night at farm-76 last night at farm-85 last night at farm-88 last night at farm-25

Things I Love #8 – 2015:

These next few posts are a little backtrack into January and February. I’m not sure anyone really wants to think backwards into the winter season when beautiful spring is upon us, but this memory is definitely on my thankful list, so I’m going to smile as I post these.

I’ll backtrack first to our January day trip to the beach. It wasn’t traditional beach weather, but it was familiar January weather to us (30 degrees with a harsh wind chill!).  It was a lovely day on the beach… moody, adventurous, and incredibly beautiful!

Outer Banks-35 Outer Banks-49

First taste of the ocean (above), and walking into the sand storm (below)
Outer Banks-55 Outer Banks-66 Outer Banks-91